Gremillion & Pou Modular Organization

In late 2014 I was approached by Gremillion & Pou in Shreveport. G&P is a Marketing, PR, and Branding agency who’s client roster includes Brookshire’s, Icee, and University Health plus many other notable institutions. So, naturally I was pumped to work with them on getting their studio space organized.

They needed a solution that would allow them to store the bulk of their video and photography equipment in their small in-house studio space. The catch… “We can’t attach anything to the walls. It must all be free standing.”

So we set out designing five modules that would provide adequate storage space as well as some additional work surfaces.

Module 1 is a behemoth rolling storage system with full 4’x8′ sheet goods storage and is capable of storing milk crates down to smaller bins for miscellaneous parts.

Module 2 is essentially a camera station for storing all things camera related and allowing them to build their camera rigs at a comfortable height.

Module 3 holds all of their tall and odd shaped equipment plus some lighting gels.

Module 4 is a monolithic hybrid shelving unit. Standing over the entry way at approximately 10′ tall and 11′ wide it boasts six wood and steel legs with two guy lines keeping it upright through the ceiling.

Module 5 is a diminutive little cart that plays home to their Kessler Crane when it’s not it use.

Huge shout out to Paul at Index Drums for the engineering advice!

At this time all I have are iPhone photos of a few of the items so I apologize for the quality of the images.




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