Here’s a fun set of behind the scenes videos from some stage design I’ve done in the past.

[youtube href=”″]

This was a decorative sign for an annual youth event.
The artwork was prepared in Adobe illustrator in such a
way that the sign would only require two finished pieces.

0:02 – I printed the design. Adhered it to 3/16th foam core. Then I
cut the artwork out with a bevel, to obscure the white edges,
using a box cutter (not x-acto).

00:26 – I then laid out the pieces for the final assembly and marked holes for
attaching the two pieces to each other.

00:27 – Using a heated vinyl weeding tool I melted the styrofoam between the two sides of the board to make a tube for the heavy monofilament fishing line that suspends the words. I used 1/16″ wire rope stops to terminate the fishing line. (Note: The fishing line was attached at top and bottom so it did not swing freely, I also added a stop under the text on the lines to hold it at the proper height.)

The finished piece was hung by monofilament line off set from a wall about 12″ with two gobo projectors throwing a moving image on on it.

I would also add that in both of the pictures of the finished product the piece is perfectly vertical, any appearance otherwise is an optical illusion of the art work.

[youtube href=””]

A relatively boring time-lapse for documentation purposes.

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