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Cohab has graduated 22 startups and small businesses in our area over the last few years and has learned a lot about our local market in that time. As you know if you live near Shreveport the headlines are not always cheerful when it comes to economic growth, government corruption or future planning for the city.

However, John Grindley of Cohab has a plan to help turn things around! All that learning is about to pay off! In early 2015 Cohab will make the shift to focus on growing Startups as well as an environment to keep them here after they mature. To date Cohab has turned $1,000,000 into $20,000,000 and plans to accelerate that with the new model.

Fusiform was tapped to design a fully custom presentation as an aide for fund raising. Though it’s better with a presenter you can still jump over to Prezi and click through the slides and get a general feel for whats coming for the SBC![/az_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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